Global Database Marketing


Client Redemption Project

One of the key non-functional requirements for a web-based coupon-redemption project was simply ease-of-use in itself. This, along with a secure admin area where GDM staff could administer the mailers and mailer lists were the key requirements of the project. The Creo360 team used the existing system to understand current business process flow, and then once the full requirements were understood, developed a new more efficient system that leveraged more current technologies, as well as client feedback, to guide the users of the new system.

Mail Pre-Sorting Project

GDM sends 1000s of mailers each month on behalf of its clients. And the USPS offers special discounted rates for bulk mailers who pre-sort the mailers before submission. GDM wanted to have a web-based solution integrated with the Pre-sorting and Address-correction software. Creo360 studied the documentation, used its web service interfaces, and developed a web-based solution which allowed the user to upload a mailer list file and in only a few minutes allowed them to download the pre-sorted list as well as the reports.