Mobile Application Development

The mobile device has come a long way since its inception from basic messaging and calls to utilization of numerous applications for personal and professional use. Around one-third of the world’s population use smartphones and they have become a part of their day-to-day life hence mobile has deeply embedded in business operations.

At Creo360 we specialize in both native platform projects from scratch with Android and iOS and converting websites to mobile-friendly views and applications.

Native application are still preferred by some clients mainly due to their performance and device attributes they expect from the developed application. Monetary aspects, findability for users, offline functionality and device specific user experience are still key factors for native mobile application development.

iOS Native App Development

  • Development with Objective-C and Xcode
  • iOS simulator runs native code
  • User experience through iPhone only utilize the hard button for quitting the app and a navigation bar with a title and a tab bar or back button.

Android Native App Development

  • Development with Java and Android SDK
  • Android emulator runs on a virtual machine
  • User experience through Android mobile utilizes the hard buttons for back, home and menu.

HTML5 App Development

    HTML5 mobile app is fundamentally a single or series of web pages that are designed to function on a small screen. The chief benefit of HTML5 apps would be they’re device agnostic meaning they can work with several systems without requiring any special adaptations hence can be viewed with any modern mobile browser.

    Since the content is on the web it is SEO friendly and searchable which benefits business and consumer type applications.

    Even though users will not have the same fluency of the native apps look and feel, they are easier to develop, support and deploy for wide range of devices.