About Creo360

For the past 6 years, Creo360 Inc. has had the distinct privilege of serving the needs of our global clients and to help them with improvements in the areas of efficiency of operations, business process, and corporate image and bottom-line. Headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area, Creo360 Inc. has delivered these improvements ensuring on-time, on-budget results.

Our approach is very much client-centric and we are pleased to see our client-base grow, which is what we see as the best indicator of how we are doing.

To meet our client needs, we rely heavily on our professional staff, who take each client requirement seriously. From understanding initial requirements through to solution design and from testing through to post-sale support, our highly competent staff ensure that our clients’ satisfaction remains at the top of our agenda.

Our Team

At Creo360 each and every one of our employees embody the spirit of our company. Exceptional individuals working collectively and committedly to achieve Creo360’s limitless potential for growth.


Founder & CEO

Sanker Shivanathan

Sanker Shivanathan has over 20 years of experience encompassing all major areas of analysis, design, development, release management, testing and implementation of application software using Microsoft technologies. Mr. Shivanathan has served the automotive industry extensively with Creo360 Inc., where, for the past 6 years he has served as Project Coordinator for Blackberry Canada’s comprehensive E-Marketing Project where experience in E-marketing and online marketing portal implementations, including web survey and loyalty programs, as well as CRM and Fleet Management solutions.

Under Creo360 Inc., for the past 6 years he has served as Project Coordinator for Blackberry Canada’s comprehensive E-Marketing Project where large amounts of email automation techniques were leveraged; as Project Manager and Chief Architect for SearchOptics, producing invaluable market data for leading automotive industry OEMs; as Architect for a Global Database Management Online Marketing Project, where he extended a key internal application to the web increasing both company productivity and profitability; as Project Manager for a CRM solution for DealerUps/DealerTrack for the optimization of lead tracking and sales performance measurement; and served as Architect for Navotar Inc. where he developed a comprehensive online and mobile fleet management application serving the needs of car rental operators. For the previous 7 years, under Goalline Solutions, Mr. Shivinathan served as Team Lead and Architect for a variable print solution for automotive dealerships that successfully targeted customers due for automotive services; served as Lead Developer for Canadian Tire’s Web Survey and Customer Loyalty Programs; Lead Developer for Pep Boys’ Call Center Application Project; as Project Manager for a Remote Extraction Program he developed for several automotive dealerships; and served as Project Manager for Dealer Portal projects with AAA and Tada. For the previous two years, Sanker served as Software Consultant for the ECCC (Electronic Commerce Council of Canada) and for the 4 year’s prior, served as Senior Software Architect under VirtUSA for several projects requiring the integration to Oracle and SAP. Mr. Shivanathan holds a B. Tech, Electrical & Electronics Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras.


Director of Operations

Sandaruwan Fernando

Sandu Fernando has over 12 years of experience encompassing all major areas of IT consulting, technology and outsourcing, as well as Project Management. Mr. Fernando serves as Director of Operations of Creo360 Inc. With Creo360, Sandu served as Project Manager for DealerUps for an Automotive Dealer CRM Project; as Project Manager DealerWebb, for the design and development of a Content Management System for Automotive Dealers; as Project Manager and Architect for each of the following: Mac Haik CRM, for a tailored web-based CRM solution for a large automotive dealer group; XiTech Real Estate, where he was involved in real estate promotional videos; Ford Redemptions, where he designed a web-based coupon redemption systems for Ford dealers; for Dealer$ense, where he developed a marketing platform to manage dealer campaigns. Sandu holds an M.Sc from Carnegie Mellon University, is a Project Management Professional and Certified Scrum Master.


Director of Technology

Thusitha Dharmaratne

Thusitha Dharmaratne (TJ) has over 18 years of experience encompassing all major areas of software development and systems integration. Mr. Dharmaratne’s service has largely been for the automotive industry with software solutions experience in architecture, development and project delivery. Under Creo360 Inc., for the past 8 years, Mr. Dharmaratne has served as the Director of Technology, and has served as Architect for SearchOptics M1 System Project, where he restructured their reporting platform to better serve their large OEM customers; served as Architect, again for SearchOptics, on their MAP System, which is a Marketing Automation Program for Automotive Dealer Groups; served as Architect and Program Manager for a Mobile Application project with VINVOX; served as Architect for DealerWebb, where, again under Creo360 Inc., developed their Auto Platform which provided services for the marketing and sales of vehicles in leading digital newspaper sites across the US; served as co-Architect for the Navotar Project, where he developed a comprehensive online and mobile fleet management application serving the needs of car rental operators. Prior to Creo360 Inc., TJ served as Software Architect with Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd., Sri Lanka, where architected and provided technical leadership for many in-house applications. Mr. Dharmaratne holds a B.Sc. Honours Degree in Computer Science from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1997.